Useful links for older people and their families

Looking for information and advice on how to get the support you need?

Here is a list of advice lines and websites.

Advice lines

Age Concern and Help the Aged (0800 00 99 66) - National charity working with and for older people.  Local Age Concerns provide direct services.  Information Line offers factsheets and information leaflets.

Alzheimer's Society (0845 300 0336) - National charity providing information, support, guidance and referrals to other appropriate organisations to anyone who has concerns about Alzheimer's disease or about any other form of dementia. 

Counsel and Care (0845 300 7585) - National charity giving advice and information to older people, their relatives and carers.  Advice service provides help and guidance on many issues, particularly for those who are searching for care and support services, either in the community or in residential care.

Elderly Accommodation Counsel (020 7820 1343) - National charity that aims to help older people make informed choices about their housing and care needs.  Advice Line offers guidance and information on a range of subjects relating to housing and care.

Firststop Care Advice Line (0800 377 7070) - Independent service that provides advice on care, housing, finance and rights for older people and their carers.  Run by Counsel and Care,  the Elderly Accommodation Counsel, Help the Aged and NHFA.

NHFA Care Advice Line (0800 99 88 33) - Independent organisation that provides advice and information on financial issues relating to obtaining and paying for care.  Advice Line offers information about entitlements to State funding and financial products to help meet care costs. 

Relatives & Residents Association (020 7359 8136) - Independent charity that exists for older people needing or living in residential care, and the families and friends left behind.  Advice line provides support and information about moving into care homes.

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Websites - Official Government website with information for older people. - Official Government website with information for disabled people. - Website that provides information about sheltered housing, retirement housing, extra-care housing, residential care homes, nursing homes and all forms of elderly care in the UK.  Run by the Elderly Accommodation Counsel. - Social enterprise that aims to to create a new welfare system in which everyone is in control of their lives as full citizens.  Website provides advice and fact sheets about self-directed support.  Also includes a list of contacts at local authorities who are working in this way. - Website for people who have a disability or are getting older and need support to live their life.  Brings together information about self-directed support in one place.  Provides an online catalogue of services and products to help you find support near you.


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